Youtube LensCulture interview Jason Florio about 'Destination Europe'
Youtube LensCulture interview Jason Florio about 'Destination Europe' - a Magnum Award-Winning body of work, spanning almost 2 years. Florio embedded with an NGO vessel in both the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas - documenting the daily/nightly rescues of migrants and refugees.
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Youtube: LensCulture interview Jason Florio about ‘Destination Europe’

Jason Florios new website live! Migrants spotted in a dinghy in the Mediterranean Sea at night, post-rescue by MOAS NGO

Youtube: LensCulture interview Jason Florio about ‘Destination Europe’

“I really hope that these pictures will break down the barriers, and get people to see them as human beings… they are not a threat, they have the same hopes and aspirations as all of us… “Jason Florio 



Youtube LensCulture interview Jason Florio about ‘Destination Europe’

The European migrant crisis has receded from the public eye but continues to evolve. A veteran photojournalist, Jason Florio, offers us a wider lens on the topic, connecting the Mediterranean to the western reaches of AfricaLensCulture.

“‘Destination Europe’ is a body of work that I produced over an 18-month period…it involved multiple embeds, on one of the (NGO)  search and rescue ships, in the Mediterranean,  and the Aegean Sea… I became completely immersed in the story, into the people (we rescued). I followed up with a number of them – especially the Gambians (Florio has spent almost 20 years traveling back and forth, to the small West African country, and also lived there for a long period of time, working on several photography projects)…” see/hear more @LensCulture/Youtube.

LensCulture Interview Jason Florio - winner of the Magnum Photography Awards 2017-Jason-Florio Photojournalism - A Syrian mother holds on to her 8-month-old son after the boat they were being smuggled on from Turkey to Greece capsized when the Turkish smuggler lost control of the boat.

Magnum Photography Awards 2017-Jason Florio Photojournalism Winner


‘With 35 heart-breaking and riveting photographs, and his own personal account of 18 months on rescue ships, photojournalist Jason Florio provides an unforgettable up-close look at hundreds of African migrants at sea, risking everything for a chance to survive in Europe’ read/see more on the LensCulture website




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