A Thousand Word Photos - photo ©Jason Florio / words by Harry Gallon
A Thousand Word Photos - photograph by Jason Florio / words by Harry Gallon - Short Stories Inspired by Photographs
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A Thousand Word photos ©Jason Florio / words by Harry Gallon

©Jason Florio 'Sea & Clouds Cuba' . Color - two men wading in the blue sea, with cloudy skies overhead

A Thousand Word photos ©Jason Florio / words by Harry Gallon

On the way down he spoke about all the things he wanted to show her. All the things he had seen and all the things he had done and all the rocks he had climbed and the pools he had dived into. The carragheen and the gutweed. The limpets and anemones. Shipwrecks and catfish heads and stories about sea mines washed ashore overnight.
    ‘Have you ever seen a blowhole?’ he asked her
… ‘Embayments’ read the full piece by Harry Gallon / athousandword. /
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A Thousand Word Photos – Short Stories Inspired by Photographs


Featured image: ‘Sea Clouds Cuba’ © Jason Florio – fine art photography prints available from helenjonesflorio.com gallery

Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio - Collodion process portrait image ©Marcin Seweryn Andrzejewski
Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio – image ©Marcin Seweryn Andrzejewski, The Gambia, West Africa






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