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PDN (Photo District News) - the Fine Art Photography Issue - editor, Holly Stuart Hughes, talks to the Helen Jones-Florio Gallery about how to sell fine art without a (physical) gallery
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PDN (Photo District News) – ‘How to Sell Prints Without a Gallery’  by Holly Stuart Hughes

A little while back, I spoke with PDN’s editor in NYC, Holly Stuart Hughes. We talked about my experience of selling Jason Florio’s fine art photography prints online, since 2010. It was a steep learning curve but, also, equally rewarding on many levels, particularly watching how our business evolved. Holly was interested to find out how that experience helped me to set up the new Helen Jones-Florio Gallery. And, furthermore, switching from selling prints for seven photographers as opposed to just one.

People often like to have direct contact - with the seller. It opens a dialogue and helps put their mind at ease... . They may want to talk about options, budget, sizes, editions, which may entail a couple of emails, or a phone call, back and forth...
Helen Jones-Florio

PDN (Photo District News) - Ritty Tacsum/Helen Jones-Florio Gallery

Photo District News, Aug 2016- Opening page by Ritty Tacsum/HJF GalleryAnother Landscape #2′

If people were already buying his (Jason Florio's) work, without any proper promotion, then there had to be more people out there who would like to see and buy his work—it just needed a little marketing
– Helen Jones-Florio

Photo District News. Aug 2016 – Jason Florio/HJF GalleryAbdou with Rescued Crocodile’ .

‘Photographers who choose to sell prints themselves take a variety of approaches, from selling small, open editions at low prices to appeal to a high volume of buyers, to selling limited editions at gallery-level prices. But in either case, they have to establish ways to monitor print quality, handle payments, and manage shipping. There is no way to streamline customer service.’ ‘How to Sell Prints Without a Gallery Holly Stuart Hughes, Editor, PDN

So, if you want to know more about how the process of selling fine art photography prints online, then the PDN piece is a really interesting, in-depth, read. Find out what goes on behind-the-scenes. Holly also brought in other professional’s, such as Ryan Pfluger and Sara Macel. We all talk about our approach to online print sales – from marketing work, the initial contact from a potential client, printing, shipping out the print, to the follow-up with your client – which, we all agreed, is especially relevant.

PDN - Photo District News - Cover, Aug 2016

PDN– Photo District News – Cover, Aug 2016. Thanks, PDN team. Very happy to receive my copy in the mail!


The Printer

Finally, and because it is THE most important part of whole fine art photography prints process, how can we not mention our favorite printer, Pascal Prince, NYC.  As Jason Florio succinctly encapsulated, in a recent HJF blog post:

Finding a printer who can translate or even transcend your photographic vision and put it on to paper is, for me, an essential part of my work process
'Ismaila on his Horse, Jumpex' by Jason Florio, printed by pascal for a private collector

Ismaila on his Horse, Jumpex’ © Jason Florio, printed by Pascal Prince , for a private collector


Big thanks to Holly Hughes, and her team, at PDN for including the HJF Gallery in their ‘Fine Art Photography Issue‘ August 2016.

Helen Jones-Florio

Founder & Curator

For daily photo updates from all seven of the HJF Gallery photographers, please do ‘follow us on @hjf_gallery/InstagramChris Bartlett, Ken Shung, Ritty Tacsum, Robert Goldstein, Michel Delsol, Oscar Landi, and Jason Florio. To view their individual galleries, here on the site, please go to the main gallery page



Header image: Another Landscape #9‘/PDN © Ritty Tacsum

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