Jason Florio photographer and his documentary work
Jason Florio photographer and his documentary work - his work has taken him all over the world, spanning over almost 20 years, from Afghanistan (arriving back in NYC a few days before the Twin Towers came down, of which he was there to witness), to India, to Cuba, to Libya, and on...
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Jason Florio

Black and white Portrait of photographer Jason Florio
Jason Florio is a multi-award-winning photographer, and filmmaker, who bases between London, UK, Malta, and The Gambia, West Africa.  He has produced images and films around the world for NGO’s, and publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Smithsonian, Geographical Magazine, and Amnesty International.
His focus has been on under-reported stories about people living on the margins of society and human rights. His most recent award: Magnum Photography Award 2017 for his long-term work on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. 

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‘Makasutu’ & ‘World Glance’ Galleries

Throughout your photography career, are there any moments that always stick with you?

I was in Afghanistan a month before the WTC attacks and we took horses to a very remote pass in the north to meet a group of nomads. Getting closer to a large black nomad tent pitched between boulders an old man appeared and fired shots over our heads. We soon realized he was trying to scare his dogs away from attacking us. I climbed off my horse to shake his hand, and he gave me a huge bear hug like I was his long-lost son. In that moment I felt our cultural, linguistic and religious differences disappear, and it was just two humans acknowledging their humanity to each other”  Jason Florio


Read and see more about Florio’s documentary work on his website: floriophoto.com


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