Fishermen Casamance West Africa in dugout canoe ©Jason Florio
Fishermen, Casamance, West Africa, paddling in their dugout canoe, pirogue, on a tributary of the Casamance River, in the small border town of Diouloulou, Senegal, West Africa. Image © Jason Florio
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Photo of the Day: Fishermen, Casamance, West Africa © Jason Florio

©Jason Florio 'Two fishermen on tributary of Casamance River' Senegal

Photo of the Day: Fishermen, Casamance, West Africa © Jason Florio


Fishermen Casamance West Africa

We love this featured image of Fishermen Casamance West Africa, by our very own Jason Florio. It was taken whilst on our current photography assignment in the Casamance region of southern Senegal, West Africa.

More riverine ramblings in West Africa – a sublime spot on a tributary of the Casamance river, Senegal” Jason Florio

Just looking at the photo gives one a great sense of peace, timelessness, and beauty. Which is exactly how we felt, watching the fishermen glide silently past, the other morning.

The making of the image

Dawn was breaking as Florio and I stood on the banks of the Fleuve de la Basse Casamance, a tributary of the Casamance River. We sipped tea, enjoying the view and the blissful coolness of the early morning. Discussing the logistics of another busy day of shooting, ahead of us, we spotted two local fishermen gliding gracefully past. Heading out to fish, in their traditional dugout canoe, both languidly raised an arm in greeting.

Dugout canoes, or pirogues, often carved from one large tree trunk, are an integral part of life along the rivers. Most commonly used as fishing boats, and to ferry people from one bank to the opposite, or along the river, from one village to another.

Due to the fact that we love this image so much, we think that it will make a great addition to Florio’s ‘World at a Glance’ gallery. Limited edition prints, available sizes: 11’x14″ and 16×20″.

Two fishermen, in a traditional pirogue (dugout canoe), paddle on a tributary of the Casamance River, Senegal, West Africa

Fishermen Casamance West Africa © Jason Florio 


Furthermore, being frequent travelers to West Africa for many years, Florio has developed a fondness for photographing this particular mode of transport.

Image of young boy fishing from his dugout canoe in the River Gambia, West Africa

Samba Fishing, River Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio . This print (+ large format) can be purchased via the HJF Gallery. Please email for more information.


Check out more of Florio’s gorgeous fine art photography prints, in his galleries:  ‘Makasutu‘ & ‘World at a Glance‘. Follow him on Instagram: @JasonFlorio or @Floriotravels for regular travel image updates.

Fonyato domanding

Helen Jones-Florio

Founder | Curator

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