Exquisite Full Moon Images © Oskar Landi - WIRED
Exquisite Full Moon Images © Oskar Landi - featured online at WIRED. Italian, NYC-based, Landi's sublime ongoing series of images from around the world
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Exquisite Full Moon Images © Oskar Landi – featured in WIRED

©OSKAR Landi- Full moon, landscapes, light

Exquisite Full Moon Images © Oskar Landi – featured in WIRED

Exquisite Full Moon Images

from around the world by Oskar Landi

Out there, in the humbling grandeur of nature, you’re really free to wander…” Oskar Landi

– read more and view the slideshow of full moon images on WIRED.com

FULL MOON-JOSHUA-TREE ©Oskar Landi as featured in WIRE

Joshua Tree, USA ©Oskar Landi – WIRED Magazine

We’ve been waiting a long time for HJF gallery‘s Oskar Landi to eventually allow his ‘Plenilunum‘ series of full moon images out there. Having only glimpsed one or two of them over the years, this ongoing project is truly a thing of beauty to behold.

Italian, NYC-based, photographer, Oskar’s patience and dedication to this series knows no bounds. Or borders. He has travelled globally, chasing the full moon.

One weekend, two years ago, with fellow HJF gallery photographer, Jason Florio, we were all Upstate New York; dog-sitting at a friends house by a lake. Early evening, Oskar set up his camera, out on the end of the dock, in readiness to capture the full moon. As we all turned in for the night, he quietly left the house, to sit on the dock and wait for the moon to rise high. No doubt reflecting on the lake and lighting up the surrounding woods. We can only assume that. We have yet to see those particular images from that night!


“When I don’t manage to go somewhere and just see a full moon in New York, I think, damn, I could’ve been somewhere else…” Oskar Landi /WIRED


Thanks for sharing, at last!, Oskar, your exquisite full moon images. They are pure loveliness.

Helen Jones-Florio

Founder | Curator – HJF Gallery

View Oskar’s equally sublime ‘Also in India‘ and ‘KWIRA‘ galleries of fine art photography prints, here on the site.

Oskar Landi photography prints - image of three men, one of whom is on a horse, against a stark white background, India

Also in India #5‘ © Oskar Landi



Header image – Sahara Desert, Mauritania © Oskar Landi (see full images on WIRED)

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