Ritty Tacsum fine art photography prints online, Helen Jones-Florio Gallery
Ritty Tacsum (b.1990) - fine art photography. She is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives.
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Ritty Tacsum

About This Project


Ritty Tacsum fine art photography

Malta is densely populated in several ways – people, cars, houses, churches… Towns and villages all possess a fulcrum, a throbbing nucleus of energy which is the Parish church. The monuments, the symbols, the niches and the statues to patron Saints, unknowingly seep into our consciousness irrespective of personal religious beliefs.

There is such an overwhelming bombardment of devotional imagery at every unexpected corner (in Malta) that the repeated visuals become commonplace, almost like a commercial advertisement, almost verging on Popular Culture.

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Large format, limited edition prints,  printed on archival smooth cotton paper – acid-free, museum grade & high endurance.


 Another Landscape

We all possess preconceived images of what a place and a country looks like – we’re told what to see and how to see it, through postcards, books, and documentaries. We see the best aspects and facets, we rarely see the common view of a person simply walking through the side streets and exploring the city of the people.

Another Landscape attempts to present an alternative view - one in which the layers of history are literally superimposed in order to pictorially fabricate the passing of time or a sense of wanderlust, even for one's own country.

View the full series, by Ritty Tacsum, in Gallery #2, or tap on the following image:


Valletta Another Landscape #9 © Ritty Tacsum. Color- Multi-layered framed print. Valletta

©Ritty Tacsum fine art photography prints – ‘Another Landscape #9 – buy prints here


Ritty TacsumGallery #3

Ritty Tacsum - image of a woman floating beneath the surface of the water

©Ritty Tacsum fine art photography prints -‘Underwater #2 – view gallery here


Ritty Tacsum - image of 'Devotion' print mounted on the wall of a guest room in Casa Ellul hotel, Valetta

Large format fine art photography prints  © Ritty Tacsum – ‘Devotion’. Buy prints here


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