Oskar Landi fine art photography Prints, Helen Jones-Florio Gallery
Oskar Landi was born and raised in Italy and moved to New York in 1998. Here he attended the International Center of Photography, studied cinematography at New York University and worked as a photo-assistant with legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark.
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Oskar Landi

About This Project

Oskar Landi fine art photography prints – ‘Also in India

Amassing four separate worldwide journeys over the past decade, Oskar Landi translates multiple communities of India with a unique visual language, when discovery through spoken word was insufficient.

With 'Also in India', Landi portrays the country through dry image transfers of original Type 679 Polaroid film, revealing imperfections and faint colors reminiscent of early photographic processes and hand coloring techniques.

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Conditions such as uncontrollable humidity, heat, dust and expired photographic chemicals caused unexpected but enchanting consequences even for the artist. The resulting exhibition is a visual introduction to the rich cultures of India dependent on Landi’s astounded curiosity.

Printed on exhibition archival paper available in glossy or matt finish
Larger Prints Sizes are available upon demand



Kwira means ‘hello‘ in the Raramuri’s native language

The Raramuri, more commonly known as the Tarahumara. They are one of the largest Mexican indigenous groups, numbering between 40-50,000. They live in the Western Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico and are little affected by modern society.

View the full gallery of ‘Kwira’ images in ‘Gallery #2’ – or tap on the image below

KWIRA.161 Tarahumara, the largest indigenous groups in Mexico ©Oskar Landi

‘KWIRA.161’ ©Oskar Landi fine art photography prints – buy prints here


‘CUBA’ by Oskar Landi – New gallery coming soon
Cuba #01 © Oskar Landi - two boys pay on the seafront in Havana

‘Cuba #01’, Havana © Oskar Landi

CUBA ©Oskar Landi. Color two boys pay on the seafront in Havana, framed print. Blue

‘Cuba #01’, Havana © Oskar Landi

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