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Michel Delsol, fine art photography - French, New-York based photographer - black and white 'Nature Series' of images: 'Some Thankful Memories to Trees'
Michel Delsol, nature, trees, polaroid, abstract, interior design, home styling, wall art, decor, art, photography, prints, limited edition, large format, black and white, Mustang car, road trip, vintage
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Michel Delsol

About This Project

Michel Delsol Fine Art Photography

Some Thankful Memories to Trees‘ – the Nature Series

Silver Gelatin Prints, matte surface

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This series of images are a meditation on time. Not in a way of working with a camera to capture or stop time, but in a way of being in time with time. None of the elements in the photographs are prearranged, the scenes photographed are sometimes found, but often they are searched for and recognized. They are photographs of the confluence of various natural energies, such as time/wind, time /humidity of the air, time of the moment /universal time or memory/body. 

The movements created by the wind were a real thrill and another reason I found anathema to shoot with the Hasselblad (camera)…

…as I could not see the blurs and movements of the blades of grass and of the tree branches when the mirror was obscuring the viewfinder,… so, the Rolleiflex, with it’s uninterrupted viewing and quietness, was perfect and discreet…because the most important action as a fianeur with a camera, was to see the coincidences that were being and taking shape in the area where I was. I could never do these photos in the company of another person, as this was not a situation in which I could be (co-) responsible for someone else’s time, although I never felt solitude either,I guess the tree and the sounds made by walking are companions.”. Michel Delsol

PLEASE NOTE : Framed prints are examples only
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Michel Delsol fine art photography - Polaroid of a classic Mustang car, in LA, 1986

©Michel Delsol fine art photography – ‘# 1 Mustang, Los Angeles, 1986’ – View gallery here


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PLEASE NOTE: Framed prints are examples only. All of our prints are shipped unframed