Chris Bartlett fine art photography prints, Helen Jones-Florio Gallery
Chris Bartlett fine art photography prints - New York-based photographer of documentary and human rights portraiture. He also specialises in still life photography.
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Chris Bartlett

About This Project

Chris Bartlett fine art photography prints
‘The Polagraph Series’

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‘Starting around 1985 and ending in the early 2000’s Polaroid Corporation produced a black and white graphic arts instant roll film, Polagraph HC, that was used in 35mm cameras. It was high contrast and meant for reproducing type for slide projector presentations.

‘I experimented using the film for landscape photography. I loved the dark moodiness of it and its unusual grain structure.’

One developed it in this little plastic machine that felt like something you would get at a toy store. The results were inconsistent and that inconsistency produced a uniqueness to each frame. Over the years, I experimented with myriad techniques to try to make prints but they were never to my liking. It was not until relatively recently that scanning and printing evolved to the point where I am finally able to make a print that evokes the feeling that I was looking for nearly 30 years ago.’  CB

‘I feel that they are best viewed large’

All images are archival pigment ink prints, signed & numbered, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. The paper size is quoted which includes the image with a small white border.

Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Prints

Limited Edition Pigment Prints

Unlimited/Open Editions

©Chris Bartlett - Dog Running, Mississippi Delta, 1989 . Black and white framed print-lone dog running in open field

©Chris Bartlett – Dog Running, Mississippi Delta, 1989 – print purchase in here



Texas Cowboy Series‘ Gallery #2– or tap on the image below
to view the whole series
'Texas Cowboy #2' ©Chris Bartlett. Black & white- close up of a man's belt buckle, and leather gloved hands

©Chris Bartlett ‘Texas Cowboy #2‘ USA – view all images in Gallery #2

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PLEASE NOTE: Framed prints are examples only. All of our prints are shipped unframed


‘Gallery #3’ – view the whole series – or tap on the image below
Chris Bartlett Photography - black and white image of a vintage convertible car on a desert road, at dusk, Palm Springs, USA

‘Palm Springs‘ – View all images in Gallery #3 – © Chris Bartlett fine art photography prints