Oskar Landi photography - Helen Jones-Florio Gallery
Oskar Landi photography - featured artist from the Helen Jones-Florio gallery collective of internationally established photographers. Landi, Italian-born, New York-based, work and fine art photography prints series, 'Also in India'. A successful editorial portraitist, Landi has photographed some of the world’s most renowned artists and innovators.
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Featured Artist: Oskar Landi photography

Buy beautiful prints - Oskar Landi #3- ALSO IN INDIA. Color. Polaroid. 3 Indian men, one on a horse, against a stark white background

Featured Artist: Oskar Landi photography

Oskar Landi photography – our featured artist from the Helen Jones-Florio gallery collective of internationally established photographers.

Landi was born and raised in Italy and moved to New York in 1998, where he attended the International Center of Photography, studied cinematography at New York University and worked as a photo-assistant with legendary photographer, Mary Ellen Mark.

His work has been recognized by the International Photo Awards and Prix de la Photographie Paris, has been in solo and group shows in New York and is in the permanent collection of the Messner Mountain Museum in Bolzano, Italy.


© Oskar Landi photography – from his fine art photography prints series ‘#15 – Also in India


A successful editorial portraitist, Landi has photographed some of the world’s most renowned artists and innovators, for different international media outlets including the New York Times, Discover Magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, L’Espresso, Corriere Della Sera, PBS, and Prison Photography; commercial clients include Armani, Dior, Levi’s, True Religion.



Moby - Portrait of the artist © Oskar Landi

© Oskar Landi photography – Moby – Portrait of the artist


Also in India‘ 

Amassed during four separate worldwide journeys over the past decade, Landi translates multiple communities of India with a unique visual language when discovery through spoken word was insufficient. He portrays the country through dry image transfers of original Type 679 Polaroid film, revealing imperfections and faint colors reminiscent of early photographic processes and hand coloring techniques… read more here


© Oskar Landi photography – from his fine art photography prints ‘#3 – Also in India


Oskar Landi photography – Purchasing his fine art photography prints

See Landi’s gallery – ‘Also in India‘ – and everything you need to know about purchasing his limited edition fine art photography prints, including print sizes, prices, edition numbers, and shipping information.

New to Oskar Landi’s website

Check out the captivatingly stunning ‘Plenilunium‘ (full moon) body of work. A long-term project which has taken Landi, around the globe, in his quest to find places largely uncorrupted by the hand of man and, in particular, by light pollution. Conjuring up a time before man put his heavy footprint on the planet.

His work examines mankind’s relationship with the environment through experimental approaches both in the studio and in the field‘ read more on Oskar’s website here

'Prenilunium' (full moon) © Oskar Landi

© Oskar Landi photography- ‘Prenilunium’ (full moon)


Misty Copeland - 'A Ballerin'a Tale' portrait © Oskar Landi

A Ballerina’s Tale‘ portrait © Oskar Landi photography – ‘Misty Copeland, the first African-American ballet dancer in nearly two decades to assume a prestigious soloist role at the American Ballet Theatre.’ Meniscus Magazine

Read more about Landi in Meet the Photographers

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Feature Image – ‘Also in India‘ © Oskar Landi
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