Meet HJF Gallery photographers - all internationally established
Meet hjf Gallery photographers - internationally established - here is where you can read detailed descriptions of each of the Helen Jones-Florio Gallery collective: Chris Bartlett, Jason Florio, Ritty Tacsum, Robert Goldstein, Ken Shung, Oskar Landi, Michel Delsol
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Meet the Photographers

Robert Goldstein - Self portrait, London - Black and White Collection.

Robert Goldstein

Born in New York, USA, Goldstein attended the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC. Leaving NYC, he began a career in fashion photography and landed his first job with Italian Vogue, working with Manuela Pavesi on numerous fashion stories.

'His vision travels geographically, emotionally, and politically. His vision and singular ability to embed the image into the viewer's memory remains still.'

Leaving Italy for London, where he now lives, Goldstein changed direction from fashion to reportage. He began working with Colin Jacobsen on The Saturday Independent Magazine. He has worked with UK UNICEF in South Sudan – a show of his South Sudan photos was exhibited at the Open Eye Gallery, in Liverpool, England. Goldstein also began teaching photography at Chalcot, a special needs school in London. During his time there, he documented the everyday life of the school, which resulted on an exhibition of his work, and that of the students, at the Cork Street Gallery, London. Goldstein’s

Goldstein’s 2013 exhibition, ‘Still‘, at the Whitfield Gallery, London, portrayed the raw and the refined:

'Private, STILL moments, in public spaces. At a fraction of a second. In glorious black and white. As life itself.'
Read more and see more on Robert’s website: here

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Chris Bartlett

A documentary and human rights portrait photographer, Chris’s projects have included military rape survivors, portraits of Iraqi former detainees who were tortured and abused by the U.S. military, and Burmese dissidents and former political prisoners. His Iraqi detainee portraits were first shown and the Open Society Foundation’s Moving Walls exhibition. The project was reinterpreted as an installation and shown at Photoville 2014 in Brooklyn after which it travelled to Houston Fotofest (February 2015) and the Hamburg Triennial (June 2015). In September of 2015 his portraits of the dissident movement in Burma were exhibited at Photoville 2015. Chris has been interviewed by the BBC, NPR, Canadian Public Radio, Al Jazeera, the British Journal of Photography and many others.

In a radio interview with the BBC during the 2014 Photoville exhibition the interviewer asked:

How do you go from fashion photography to photographing the former detainees?


Though it is perhaps an unusual transition, I have no difficulty making the switch. Whether, digging emotionally deep to reveal the challenges of the human condition or minutely orchestrating how the light falls on an object, I am utilizing my photographic knowledge and experience to illuminate and tell a story. I capture the light and mold it into exposing the most beautiful aspect of a human being or still life composition. I am a photographer and storyteller

Chris is also a commercial still life photographer working primarily in the fashion, beauty, and luxury goods industries. He has been published in virtually all the major fashion publications including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. His commercial clients include Diane   Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.

Read more and see more on Chris’s website: here
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Portrait of Photographer Chris Bartlett, teaching a class
Black and white Portrait of photographer Jason Florio

Jason Florio

Is a multi award-winning fine art, and documentary photographer – in 2017 he won the prestigious Magnum Photography Awards in the Photojournalism category. British-born, he is currently living in between West Africa and Malta. An FRGS (Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, London), Florio’s work has focused on under-reported stories of people living on the margins of society and in places of conflict. He photographs and writes for publications including New York Times, Newsweek, The Independent on Sunday, Virginia Quarterly Review, Men’s Journal, Geographical, AFAR, and Outside Magazine. Florio’s photography has been solo exhibited globally and has won numerous international awards, and his work has been acquired by a number of museums.

Throughout your photography career, are there any moments that always stick with you?


I was in Afghanistan a month before the WTC attacks and we took horses to a very remote pass in the north to meet a group of nomads. Getting closer to a large black nomad tent pitched between boulders an old man appeared and fired shots over our heads. We soon realized he was trying to scare his dogs away from attacking us. I climbed off my horse to shake his hand, and he gave me a huge bear hug, like I was his long lost son. In that moment I felt our cultural, linguistic and religious differences disappear, and it was just two humans acknowledging their humanity to each other

Read and see more about Florio’s work on his website: here
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 Jason Florio & Floriotravels

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Michel Delsol

Michel Delsol is a portrait and fine art photographer. Born in Paris, he now works and lives in New York City. He has a degree in Film Semiotics and Linguistics.

Michel photography assignments include magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, Forbes, GQ, and Interview, as well as campaigns for advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson, DDB, and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners. He has been commissioned for music work by Atlantic records, Island, Sony, and Capitol Records. He has photographed author portraits and book covers for Random House, Bantam, Double Day, Grove Press, and Simon & Schuster.

His personal work of Kabuki portraits, and of Nature and Urban studies has been exhibited in solo exhibitions New York, Venice, and at the Information and Cultural Center of the Japanese Embassy, Washington, DC.

Michel has also participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Awards and nominations include: L’Oeil de la Photographie, Society of Publication Designers, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, International Black + White Spider Awards, and Musee Magazine.

Read more and see more on Michel’s website: here

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Portrait of photographer, Michel Delsol - Color bio shot by Haruko
Ken Shung-- portrait of the photographer, NYC, teacing in the class room

Ken Shung

is an award-winning photographer who lives and hails originally from New York City. His career began by assisting Annie Leibovitz, whilst at Rolling Stone magazine print spotting for Irving Penn, and free-lancing for Bill King and Bob Richardson. Since then, Ken has exhibited in the US and internationally.

His work has been published in numerous editorial magazines, in addition to publishing a book on adoption at Workman Press. He currently shoots for clients in New York and is a faculty member at the SVA (School of Visual Arts), in Manhattan.

Training in the workings of studio lighting and editorial magazine photography, Ken set out to find his own style without the limits of the formal studio, to produce work with the intention and idea that ‘The World is my Studio’. He has worked for many major magazines and has shot lingerie advertising for over 20 years.

He spirited a portrait style in black and white of editorial subjects, celebrities and landscapes, with his Polaroid negative portrait images.

His work has been acquired by the Beyealer Museum at Art Basel Switzerland, has sold at Miami Basel, USA, and Scope Basel, Switzerland, as well as to private collectors.

He continues to shoot for advertising and editorial clients including Vanity Fair, Conde Nast, The New York Times Magazine, Time-Life, GQ, Fortune, New York Magazine, Wacoal Lingerie, Donna Karan, Unilever, Chanel, Lancome, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Proctor and Gamble and Merck, Marina Maher Communications.

Awards and nominations include:

Photo District News (PDN)/Nikon – Self Promotion Awards in 1989

The Photo District News (PDN)/ Nikon, 1991

Art Directors Club Award

American Photographers Magazine – ‘New Faces 1989 in Fashion’

APA awards books

Advertising Photographers of America Awards book Vol.2

Read more and see more on Ken’s website: here
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Ken Shung

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Ritty Tacsum photographer - color portrait of the photographer, lying on her back, on grass, looking at the camera

Ritty Tacsum

Ritty Tacsum (b.1990) is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives.

Her work taps into memory and makes abundant reference to context, time and place. Architecture features prominently in her work, as do moody surreal settings often dominated by masked anamorphic or androgynous figures.

Ritty’s work has already been the subject of three solo shows, with a fourth featuring an important international collaboration, in the pipeline. Her work has been featured in countless art and design publications and she has been exhibited in high calibre curated shows in Europe and Asia. Her work can be found in several international private collections. One of her latest projects involved creating an all-Valletta series of images coupled with site-specific commissions for a luxury boutique hotel based in the heart of the capital city.

Ritty is currently reading for a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Arts at the University of Malta.

She is presently working on a solo exhibition with international collaborators in September 2017.

Read more and see more on Ritty’s website: here
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Ritty Tacsum

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Photographer, Oskar Landi, Bio pic - Landi points a camera at the photographer, with Manhattan in the background

Oskar Landi


Oskar Landi was born and raised in Italy and moved to New York in 1998. Here he attended the International Center of Photography, studied cinematography at New York University and worked as a photo-assistant with legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark. He has photographed some of the world’s most renowned artists and innovators for different international media outlets including the New York Times, Discover Magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, L’Espresso, Corriere della Sera, PBS and Prison Photography; commercial clients include Armani, Dior, Levi’s, True Religion.

Amassing four separate worldwide journeys over the past decade, Oskar Landi translates multiple communities of India with a unique visual language, when discovery through spoken word was insufficient.

His work has been recognized by the international Photo Awards and Prix de la Photographie Paris, has been in solo and group shows in New York and is in the permanent collection of the Messner Mountain Museum in Bolzano, Italy.

Read and see more on Oskar’s website here

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