Smithsonian Magazine Instagram Takeover - images ©Jason Florio
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Smithsonian Magazine Instagram Takeover – Images ©Jason Florio ‘Rhino Relocation’

Rhinos are dehorned before transporting, Rhino relocation, South Africa ©Jason Florio/Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine Instagram Takeover – Images ©Jason Florio ‘Rhino Relocation’

‘Movable Beast’

We are delighted to announce that one of Helen Jones-Florio Gallery photographers, Jason Florio, has been invited to do an ‘Instagram Takeover‘ by Smithsonian Magazine, starting tomorrow – Saturday 16th June 2018.

Update – 18th June: The Instagram takeover has begun! Hop on over the @smithsonianmagazine and check out Florio’s exclusive, unpublished images.

Rhino relocation: Heliicopter shot - A veterinarian fires an opioid tranquillizer dart at a rhino chosen to be on the first convoy, South Africa ©Jason Florio

Rhino relocation: A veterinarian fires an opioid tranquilliser dart at a rhino chosen to be on the first convoy ©Jason Florio


Each day, for 1 week, Florio will be posting exclusive, unpublished images from his rhino relocation photography assignment, in South Africa, for Smithsonian Magazine.

“So often with magazine assignments, a limited number of images, out of hundreds shot, that make it to the pages of the magazine. Therefore, this Instagram takeover is a great opportunity to share some of my favourites, exclusively, over the next week, that did not make it to the printed page.” Jason Florio
Instagram Takeover: 'Movable Beast' Rhino relocation in South Africa - image ©Jason Florio/Smithsonian Magazine

‘Movable Beast‘ Rhino relocation in South Africa – image ©Jason Florio/Smithsonian Magazine (photo courtesy of Helen Jones-Florio)


Instagram accounts to follow

@smithsonianmagazine / @jasonflorio / @floriotravels


Featured/header image: 

Rhinos are dehorned before transporting. The horns, made of keratin, can grow back as long as they are not cut too short. Image ©Jason Florio/Smithsonian Magazine



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‘Ismaila on his Horse, Jumpex’  – Makasutu – photography prints by Jason Florio

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