About Helen Jones-Florio - Founder and Curator of the Gallery
About Helen Jones-Florio - Founder and Curator of the Gallery. Helen has been dealing in fine art photography prints since 2010, when she started working with her husband, British, NYC-based, Jason Florio/Florio StudioNYC. She started her own online gallery in May 2016, showcasing 7 internationally established, award-winning, photographers - including Jason Florio.
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Helen Jones-Florio – Founder and Curator

Helen Jones-Florio – Founder | Curator 

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Prior to launching the HJF Gallery, Helen Jones-Florio was Print Sales Director for Florio Studio, NYC, from 2010. She has worked with private collectors, museums, galleries, interior stylists. She has also co-curated several exhibitions of Jason Florio’s photography.

Helen is also a photographer and videographer, a photography producer, and writer. She has been traveling to West Africa for almost 20 years and has produced photography assignments in Africa, USA, Mexico, and Europe.

Photographer, Jason Florio at work, River Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio
Photographer, Jason Florio at work, River Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio

Along with Florio, Helen is the co-founder of the ‘Photos Tell Stories’  (PTS’s). Co-running photography workshops and creating extensive content for the PTS’s site. She also set up their co-led expeditions sites: ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – 930km African odyssey‘ & ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘.

Helen is currently finishing a book about ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush‘ expedition. Based on her personal journal entries, about her experiences of being the only woman on an all-male team. Furthermore, she is collaborating with Florio on a book about their ‘River Gambia Expedition‘.

Photography prints series: #DisappearingMalta (as featured in The Times of Malta) – vintage doors, facades, and storefronts


Helen Jones-Florio bio oic - image ©Jason Florio

Helen Jones-Florio – image ©Jason Florio


Helen Jones-Florio – Published work – writing and photography, includes:

The Times of Malta, Adventure Travel Magazine (UK), ‘Wings’ (Arik Airlines in-flight magazine), American Photography’s Pro Photo Daily, Africa Geographic/Safari Interactive Magazine, Travel Africa Magazine (UK), Resource Magazine (USA), Amazing Travel Stories (USA), B Spirit/B There (Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine), Concern Universal, NGO, Gambia Experience Magazine (UK), Stellazine (USA), African World Heritage Annual Report, Tangiers International, Morning Calm (Korean Airlines in-flight magazine)

Personal image banks/blog: Wordly Images & Photos Tell Stories

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