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Chris Bartlett – Texas Cowboy

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‘Texas Cowboy Series’:

My images of the American west were inspired from a circumnavigation by car of the United States in 1983. We ended up spending several days at a ranch in the Texas panhandle, east of Amarillo. While I was drawn to the iconic imagery of the “cowboy on the horse”, I was equally enthralled by the pickup truck and its functional relationship with the ranch hand and the horses. The truck’s character is imbued by the demands that the landscape places on the vehicle and over time it becomes as much a part of the picture as the man and his horse. To further examine this relationship I made a second trip to the ranch in 1986 with an on-spec assignment from Italian Vanity Fair magazine that never ended up being published. The images were all shot on black and white film with Nikon cameras. Thanks to advances in scanning technology, I can finally enlarge the images enough to fully immerse the viewer in the expansiveness and subtlety of the Texas landscape.

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All images are archival pigment ink prints, signed & numbered, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. The paper size is quoted which includes the image with a small white border.

‘The Texas Cowboy’ Series (below) will have one limited edition of 16×20” hand-printed silver gelatin prints made by renowned printer Chuck Kelton. (1 month lead time). They are also available as pigment ink prints.

Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Prints:

16″ x 20” silver gelatin print – edition of 20  $2,000.00

Limited Edition Pigment Ink Prints:

13″ x 19″ edition of 25  $750.00

17″ x 22″ edition of 25  $1,250.00

24″ x 36″ edition of 25  $1,500.00

32″ x 46″ edition of 25  $2,500.00

40″ x 50″ edition of 10  $3,500.00

Unlimited/open editions:

8″ x 10″   $150.00

How to place an order – everything you need to know + sizes and editions