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Chris Bartlett photography - featured artist from the Helen Jones-Florio gallery collective of internationally established photographers
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Featured Artist: Chris Bartlett Photography

Featured Artist: Chris Bartlett Photography

Chris Bartlett photography – our featured artist from the Helen Jones-Florio gallery collective of internationally established photographers.

Chris is a New York-based documentary and human rights portrait photographer. He is also a commercial still life photographer, working primarily in the fashion, beauty, and luxury goods industries. He has been published in virtually all the major fashion publications including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. His commercial clients include Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.

‘Starting around 1985 and ending in the early 2000’s Polaroid Corporation produced a black and white graphic arts instant roll film, Polagraph HC, that was used in 35mm cameras. It was high contrast and meant for reproducing type for slide projector presentations.’ CB

Chris Bartlett - Phillips 66 - Black and White Collection

©Chris Bartlett Photography – ‘Phillips 66’ – from the ‘Polagraph’ Series


‘I experimented using the film for landscape photography. I loved the dark moodiness of it and its unusual grain structure.’ CB


Chris Bartlett - Dog Running, Mississippi Delta, 1989 - Black and White Collection.

©Chris Bartlett – ‘Dog Running, Mississippi Delta, 1989′ – from the ‘Polagraph’ Series

‘I feel that they (the Polagraph Series) are best viewed large’ CB – view the series here


Cowboy #1 © Chris Bartlett

© Chris Bartlett photography – ‘Cowboy #1’ – from the ‘Texas Cowboy Series’

My images of the American west were inspired from a circumnavigation by car of the United States in 1983. We ended up spending several days at a ranch in the Texas panhandle, east of Amarillo…while I was drawn to the iconic imagery of the “cowboy on the horse”, I was equally enthralled by the pickup truck and its functional relationship with the ranch hand and the horses’ CB

Chris Bartlett Photography – Purchasing his fine art photography prints

See Chris’s galleries – ‘The Polagraph Series‘ ,‘Texas Cowboys Series (Flat File), and ‘Flat File#2 – and everything you need to know about purchasing his limited edition fine art photography prints, including print sizes, prices, edition numbers, and shipping information.

©Chris Bartlett photography - 'Palm Springs' from the 'Flat File'

©Chris Bartlett photography – ‘Palm Springs‘ from the ‘Flat File#2’

Chris’s documentary projects have included military rape survivors, portraits of Iraqi former detainees who were tortured and abused by the U.S. military, and Burmese dissidents and former political prisoners. In a radio interview with the BBC during the 2014  Photoville exhibition, the interviewer asked the question

 BBC: How do you go from fashion photography to photographing the former detainees?
‘Though it is perhaps an unusual transition, I have no difficulty making the switch. Whether, digging emotionally deep to reveal the challenges of the human condition or minutely orchestrating how the light falls on an object, I am utilizing my photographic knowledge and experience to illuminate and tell a story. I capture the light and mold it into exposing the most beautiful aspect of a human being or still life composition. I am a photographer and storyteller‘ CB


Chris Bartlett photography - Image portrait of a Iraqi woman, wearing a hijab, formally detained at Guantanamo Bay

©Chris Bartlett photography – ‘Iraqi Detainees’


Iraqi Detainees‘ is currently exhibiting on ‘The Fence‘, Boston, until September 1st, 2016

Read more about Chris in Meet the Photographers. 

You may like to follow @hjf_gallery on Instagram – for daily photo updates from all of the Helen Jones-Florio gallery photographers – and @cbstudio, Chris Bartlett’s personal Instagram page.


Header image ©Chris Bartlett ‘Cowboy #2

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