Cézanne's Door - black and white Polaroids by Michel Delsol
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Cézanne’s Door – Polaroids by Michel Delsol

Cezanne's door #1 - ©Michel Delsol black and white print

Cézanne’s Door – Polaroids by Michel Delsol


The story behind the image

Cézanne’s door – by Parisian, New York-based photographer, Michel Delsol. ‘I remember about 10 years ago, with my wife, Haruko, we came across the door to Paul Cézanne’s house (next to Marseille), with its original door knocker on it.  It had the shape of an open hand with a bronze ball nestled in it. I photographed it with Polaroid film. Then, the lady who lived inside invited us in and we spent an hour visiting the lower part of her house. We saw the vistas that Cézanne painted from their kitchen window. The rooftops and the bay had stayed pretty much the same. except for a few television antennas.’


Paul Cézanne (19 January 1839 – 22 October 1906 ) was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter


Cezanne's door #1 - ©Michel Delsol black and white prints x 4

zanne’s door – contact sheet ©Michel Delsol

‘The above is the contact sheet with the 4 photos of that door. I was waiting for the pattern of dimpled sunlight to play with the door knocker. Luckily, for me, some Polaroid solarization happened on some of the images. Imagine, 1oo+ years ago of knocking on that door, with a bottle of wine in hand, and to be invited inside by Cézanne himself’ –  Michel Delsol


See more of Delsol’s photography on his website and in his galleries, here on the site.
©Michel Delsol - vintage '1963 Mustang car, Los Angeles'. BW Polaroid framed

‘1963 Mustang, Los Angeles’ – photography prints by Michel Delsol


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